"Songs for an Intimate Evening" is the debut album from America's favorite yacht captain, Erik DeLong. With dense vocal harmonies, funky guitar & bass lines, and groovy synths, his sound has a foundation in the past mixed with modern touches and production techniques. Fun, no frills dance-pop music is the engine behind “Songs for an Intimate Evening”, and Erik rarely lets go of the pedal throughout the entirety of the 10-song album.

A classically-trained pianist and composer, Erik’s previous work consists mostly of classical and film music. But a fire burned deep in his soul to utilize his training and talent towards a genre where those skills would be completely useless. He hails from the mean streets of Washington D.C., where he honed his mindblowing yacht skills and otherworldly keytar abilities on the musty waters of the majestic Potomac River. The burning continued in Erik’s heart – an unyielding desire to create a sound and persona that was fun, funky, accessible, and most of all, really, really sexy.

Fans of Prince, Hall & Oates, Daft Punk, Chromeo, Michael Jackson, Genesis, etc. will certainly find something to like in this music, as well as fans of some modern pop stylings. When asked about his music, Erik states in an oh-so sexy tone, "I mean, it's pretty good, I think." That incredible attitude is heard in every note caressed by the voice and hands of this former member of Uncle Sam's Canoe Club.

O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! My Captain!


In his free time, Erik likes to take short, lusty walks by the sea and participate in archaeological digs. He also loves to write biographies in the third person with maybe a quote in first person so what he's about to say doesn't come off as lame, but it does end up sounding lame regardless and thus he spends the rest of the day suppressing an existential meltdown.